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NJ Piano Tuning, Moving & Other Services

New Jersey Piano Tuning and NJ piano Moving

In order to ensure proper A-440 tone all acoustic pianos need yearly, bi yearly or quarterly maintenance.  The number of piano tuning visits needed per year depend on a couple of different variables.  The Quality of said piano, Temperature and Relative Humidity of the environment in which the piano resides, The regular piano players ear,  and audiences expectations.  

A piano tuning is a lot like an oil change for your car.  It allows for preventive maintenance and is a great way to protect your investment, but it is not the end all be all of proper maintenance.  From time time other systems of the piano will need to be addressed to guarantee a great playing experience.  You might need to Regulate the action or dampers but with a little regular maintenance you piano will play great for years to come. 

Pianos of Princeton is Proud to offer :

  • Piano tuning
  • Pitch Raises
  • Damp Chase Installation and Service
  • Piano Regulation and Action Work 
  • Piano Key tops – Repair and Replacement
  • String Replacement and Repair
  • Piano Sound Board Cleaning (Baby and Grand Pianos only)
  •  Polyester Finish Repairs 
  • Piano Appraisals 
  • Piano Key Bushings
  • Damper Regulation
  • Key easing 
  • Piano Moving
  • Concert Tuning
  • And More…..

New Jersey Piano Movers 

piano tuning

Other technicians we like to work with

We love to work with other piano tuners and technicians.  Here is a list of people and companies we work with and recommended.  We do not know every tuner in the area.  If we did not recommend someone do not worry they are probably an excellent technician we just haven’t worked with them yet.  If you have any questions about piano maintenance please call us. (609) 403-6045


Monmouth County Piano Tuning

Freehold Music – (732) 462-4730

Chris Hill – (609) 426-1818

John Gunderson  – (732) 740-6674

Mercer County Piano Tuning 

Pianos of Princeton – (609) 403-6045

Chris Hill (609) 426-1818

John Kuentzel (609) 716-8892 

Kestrel Curro – (732) 421-4859

Curro Piano Service Website 


Bucks County Piano Tuning

Allied Piano Service – (215) 491-3045

Allied Piano Website 

North Jersey & Central NJ Piano Tuning

Arlan Feiles – (732) 763-9162

Tune Your Piano Website 

Burlington & Camden Counties Piano Tuning

Kestrel Curro – (732) 421-4859

Curro Piano Service Website 

Staten Island Piano Tuning 

Nancy Hazzard (718) 979-5154


PTG – Piano Technicians Guild

The Guild that keeps our nations pianos in tune!  Great resource for everything piano and a data base of members with contanct info

PTG Website

PTG Care for your Piano 

Piano Moving - New Jersey Piano Moving

Do you need your piano moved?  Our Parent company has a piano relocation service, they even check the plate to make sure it is intact and ready to be played.  Remember a piano should always be tuned 4-6 weeks after having it moved.  

Call for New Jersey Piano Moving

Freehold Music Pianos – (732)462-4730

Freehold Music -Pianos Home Page 

Piano Moving Page – New Jersey Piano Movers 


Long Distance Moves –

Are you looking to have your piano moved cross country or across state lines?  We recommend:

MMS Piano Movers – NYC Metro Area, East Coast – (201) 444-5512   Website 

Keyboard Carriage – They can move your Piano and Motorcycle! – (270) 737-5797  Website

Walter Piano Transport – Serving the lower 48 – (574) 318-9042 Website

Modern Piano Moving – Coast to Coast Piano Moving – (888)  375-9056 Website

We can arrange for our New Jersey Piano movers to come and pick up your piano and have the long haul shipper pick it up from our warehouse. 


Maintenance Free Pianos 

looking for a piano that does not need tuning and that you can move yourself?  Check out the Yamaha Clavinova – Click Here