Schimmel C130 Walnut (Used)

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In the patented Schimmel Konzert Concept utilised in the Concert series, the well-established and ideal construction concepts for the large Konzert grand piano K 280, have been consistently integrated into the smaller models and, where possible, with identical construction.
This enables pianists to enjoy the benefits of the outstanding touch and tonal characteristics of a large Koncert grand even when performing on smaller models. This concept and the Schimmel family of sound is unique worldwide.
Features include:
Konzert grand piano action
Enlarged soundboard
The ideal soundboard wood – exclusive to Schimmel
Full size concert grand piano scale
Triplex Scale
Key tops made of mineral material and ebony wood
Most played German piano
Dynamic bar
Mass reduced bridge
Adjustable gliders
Most highly awarded


Product Description

Schimmel C130
Height 51″
Width 59″
Depth 26″
Made in Germany in 1998
Comes with Adjustable Bench

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