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Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano Clavinova

As low as $211.11 per month
Fixed Rate Financing: minimum monthly payments of $166.67 per $1,000 borrowed for 18months at 0% APR

Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano

Smart Pianist App allows you to fully control the on board Instruments, Rhythms and Songs!

  • Yamaha Stream Lights Guide you in learning how to play
  • 40 W x 2 amplifiers
  • 16 cm × 2 speaker system
  • Built-in Bluetooth® audio
  • Wireless connection to the Smart Pianist app via Bluetooth® MIDI
  • 5 Year In Home Warranty
  • Connect a Microphone to Sing Along
  • Free Delivery and Product Support

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Product Description

Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano Clavinova


Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano Clavinova

Introducing the Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano is a Traditional Digital Piano and so much more.

The Intuitive Smart Pianist App Unlocks 819 different instruments, 495 styles and 403 built in songs.

Connect Head Phones, your computer, a microphone and so much more….

Yamaha Smart Pianist App

Yamaha Smart Pianist appTake full control of your instrument with the Yamaha Smart Pianist app, accessible through your smart device.  Connects to the Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano by Bluetooth Midi or USB – C.

This user-friendly app allows you to effortlessly choose from a wide range of instrument sounds, built in songs and rhythms.

It will even allow you to switch between virtual performance spaces, such as a concert hall or cathedral, to enhance your musical experience.

Download the app for free now from the Apple APP Store or Google Play.


Yamaha GrandTouch – S Keyboard Piano Action

Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano Grand Touch S Action


Yamaha’s newest keyboard action boasts a wide dynamic range and exceptional response to even the slightest touch, providing pianists with a vast spectrum of tones to explore.

The consistent weighted and graded piano keys accurately mimic the satisfying sensation of striking the strings, granting precise mastery over the sound.

The Tactile synthetic-ivory white keys and ebony black keys offer a secure grip and an authentic Ivory key feel, even during prolonged play on the CSP-255 Digital Piano.

The Escapement feature on the GrandTouch – S, feels the same as a grand piano releasing the hammer.



Sing While You Play Piano

yamaha csp-255 digital piano microphone

Experience the ultimate karaoke experience with your CSP-255 Clavinova! With the built in songs, you can easily access karaoke backing tracks.

Plus, the Smart Pianist app displays the lyrics and changes the color of the words as the song progresses, making it easy for you to join in.


Simply plug in a microphone to sing along with your playing, and let the Vocal Harmony engine enhance your voice with advanced harmonies and pitch correction.

Prepare to sound like a pro with the Clavinova!


Connect to your Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano Clavinova

Connect your csp-255

Connect to your Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano

  • 1/4 inch  stereo phone jack (× 2)
  • 1/4 inch Mic/Line In, Input Volume –
  • Mic – Connect – Microphone, guitar, bass, ukulele
  • Line – Connect Synthesizer, Drum Machine, Keyboard
  • AUX IN – 1/8 inch Stereo Mini cable
  • AUX OUT – 1/8 inch Stereo Mini cable
  • Standard phone jack (R, L/L+R) – 1/4 inch mono instrument cable
  • AUX Pedal 1/4 inch – Yamaha FC4A, FC5, FC7 Foot Switched
  • USB TO DEVICE – Thumb Drive – Scan disk Under 20GB works best
  • USB C – Midi And Audio – Computer,  Tablet, Smart Phone
  • Bluetooth Audio & Midi – Computer,  Tablet, Smart Phone


Playing the CSP-255 Stand Alone 

Sometimes your want to play the CSP-255 Digital Piano with out a Tablet or Smart Phone Hooked up.  You can still access a number of features like

  • 10 On board Instruments
  • 10 Light Stream Songs to choose from
  • 10 Built in Styles
  • Built in Metronome
  • 6 Different Reverbs to choose from
  • Transpose – 12 – +12
  • Fine tune the Pitch from A 414.8 – 466.8Hz
  • and More

Refer to Owners Manual Pages 30-38 for full instructions on stand alone mode.

Three Color Options to Choose From 

Picture of a Yamaha CSP-255 in Matte White
Yamaha CSP-255 Matte White
Picture of a Yamaha CSP-255 in Polished Ebony
Yamaha CSP-255 in Polished Ebony
Picture of a Matte Black Yamaha CSP-255
Yamaha CSP-255 Matte Black

Yamaha CSP-255 Digital Piano Matching Bench Included


Yamaha CSP-255 Bench in Polished Ebony
Polished Ebony
Picture of a Yamaha CSP-255 matte white piano bench
Matte Black
Picture of a Yamaha CSP-255 piano bench in mate black
Mate Black


Click to View Owners Manual and Data List Below 


Yamaha CSP-255 Owners Manual


Compatible Android Devices for CSP-255 


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