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The Yamaha Enspire

The Enspire Classic

Introducing the World’s Most Advance Player Piano System, The Yamaha Enspire.  Truth be told the Yamaha Disklavier player piano is a Reproducing piano that fully integrates with today’s multi media environment.  

Your I Pad, I phone, computer or android device acts as your interactive remote to explore the on board library, piano settings, your personal recordings and music you have purchased. 

 Stream over 35+ online radio stations with Disklavier Radio, over a quarter of the channels feature live vocals and instruments. 

 Integrate your Television with Disklavier TV – witness live concert or on demand videos on your HD TV and your Yamaha Disklavier player piano in unison and harmony.  Finally with Yamaha Music Cast you can broadcast your pianos performance through out your home speaker system

Enspire Standard Series

Enspire Pro Series

Yamaha Player Piano Systems

Enspire CL - Classic

Enspire ST - Standard

Enspire Pro - Professional

  • Available in GB1K PE Only
  • Play Back (No Record)
  • 1 Powered speakers
  • No Silent Piano function
  • Pedals Do Not Move During Playback
  • No Self Diagnosis
  • Comes with Yamaha N. 900 Bench
  • Available in U1, YUS1, GB1KGC1, GC2, C1X, C2X
  • Record and Play Back
  • 2 Powered speakers
  • Silent Piano 
  • Pedals Move During Playback
  • Contains Self Diagnosis
  • Comes with Yamaha N. 3 Bench
  •  Available in C3X, C5x, C6X, C7X, S3X, S5X, S6X, S7x and CFX
  •  Advanced Record and Play Back
  • 2 Powered Speakers
  • Silent Piano
  • Pedals Move During Playback
  •  Contains Self Diagnosis
  • Comes With Yamaha N. 9 Bench
Yamaha disklavier, player piano, yamaha enspire

The Yamaha Disklavier Player Piano

Yamaha has designed, engineered and mass produced the modern era’s best selling player piano.  Through out the three decades of production Yamaha has upgraded the solenoids for the keys, added self diagnosis features, pioneered internet player piano radio and have produced whole generations of player pianos.  A piano is a very complicated piece of machinery, a player piano is taking the mechanical complexity and taking it to the second power.  That is why Yamaha only installs the disklaver player piano in the factory on new pianos.  Do not make the mistake of installing an after market system or spending 6 figures on a first generation player piano system.  Choose the tried and true Yamaha Disklavier!  

When you are looking for a faithful player piano for your home, restaurant, house of worship, recording studio or institution you are going to want the best, that is why we only carry New Yamaha disklavier Player Pianos.  

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