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New Jersey Piano Tuning

In order to ensure proper A-440 tone all acoustic pianos need yearly, bi yearly or quarterly maintenance. 

The number of piano tuning visits needed per year depend on a couple of different variables.  The Quality of said piano, Temperature and Relative Humidity of the environment in which the piano resides, The regular piano players ear,  and audiences expectations.  

A piano tuning is a lot like an oil change for your car.  It allows for preventive maintenance and is a great way to protect your investment, but it is not the end all be all of proper maintenance. 

From time time other systems of the piano will need to be addressed to guarantee a great playing experience.  You might need to Regulate the action or dampers but with a little regular maintenance you piano will play great for years to come. 

Call to Book a piano tuning from 11am – 6 pm Monday – Saturday 

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New Jersey Piano Tuning Prices

ServiceDescription Price
 Standard Piano Tuning  Piano Must be in Pitch – Tuned at least once a year  $165 
 Pitch Raise Piano Tuning For Pianos that have not been tuned Yearly or for a number of Years $247.50
 Service Call Service call for 1st 45 minutes of a non-tuning visit $165
Appraisal  Written appraisal plus piano tuning – $65 fee if pitch raise needed   $350
Light Cleaning  Sound Board is cleaned, pins and plate dusted, cabinet gone over.
If more work is needed Technician will Quote Price    
 Action work Technician to Quote Price before work is started   
Finish repair  Technician to Quote Price before work is started   

New Jersey  Piano Tuning Services :

  • Piano tuning
  • Pitch Raises
  • Damp Chase Installation and Service
  • Piano Regulation and Action Work 
  • Piano Key tops – Repair and Replacement
  • String Replacement and Repair
  • Piano Sound Board Cleaning (Baby and Grand Pianos only)
  •  Polyester Finish Repairs 
  • Piano Appraisals 
  • Damper Regulation
  • Key easing 
  • Concert Tuning
  • And More…..


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