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Yamaha Upright Pianos

Yamaha Upright piano, Yamaha U1, Yamaha b Series

Yamaha b series - Yamaha P Series - Yamaha U Series - Yamaha YUS Series

Yamaha produces some of the World’s finest upright pianos including the best selling Yamaha U1. 

Featuring 5 different series of upright piano models. 

The b series, the P series, The Gallery collection,  The U series and the YUS Series. 

With all the options Yamaha delivers the perfect upright piano for your wants and needs.   

Pianos of Princeton is proud to be an authorized Yamaha Piano dealer.

Yamaha b Series

The B Series is Yamahas most affordable Upright Pianos .  Featuring 3 models ranging in size from 43 to 48 inches tall.  

Perfect for beginners to the professional piano player.   The Yamaha B Series offers up to 4 different finish options per model.

Yamaha P Series and Gallery Collection

 The P Series is the perfect piano for your Home, House of Worship, School or other Institutional setting.  

Do you want a more traditional piano look? 

The P660 and M560 feature colonial styling to complement your décor.  

  • Yamaha P22d Studio Piano

Yamaha U Series

This series contains the best selling piano model of all time, the Yamaha U1. 

Crafted in Japan, the U Series offers Yamaha’s largest scale design at a competitive price.  The Yamaha U1 and U3 will exceed your expectations!

  • Yamaha U1 in Polished Ebony
  • Yamaha U3 in polished Ebony

Yamaha YUS Series

The Yamaha YUS Series of upright pianos offer 3 exquisite models to choose from. 

Featuring CFX Grand piano hammer felt, rigorous action regulation and a modern aesthetic. 

The YUS Series is a Great choice for the professional musician all the way to the dedicated student.  

Yamaha Upright Pianos

Pianos of Princeton is proud to exclusively offer Yamaha as the only piano we sell New!  Yamaha awarded us the 2018 Small Market Dealer of the Year!  Come in today and try out the Best Selling Pianos of all time, The Yamaha U1 Acoustic upright piano.  We also offer the Full Yamaha Acoustic / Digital piano experience with the Trans Acoustic,  Silent pianos and Disklavier Player pianos on full display!

Yamaha has a proud tradition of making one of the finest upright pianos in existence.  With a multitude of models to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect match for your home.  Today upright pianos range from 42.5 inches tall to 52 inches tall.  A piano 45 inches tall and under is a great choice for a beginner to Intermediate Player.  An Upright from 48 inches to 52 inches is a great choice for an Intermediate – Advanced Player and the Committed Student.

If you are thinking about a pre-owned piano please check out our inventory.

When looking for a quality upright piano, one should have in mind a couple of tangible qualities.  The piano keys has to have a tactile feel that is pleasing to your hand.  Not to soft and not to heavy.  Play the same passage on a couple of pianos so you can A-B them.   Next listen to the tone.  Do you like how the instrument sounds?  The only perfect piano tone is the one that pleases your ear and feels good underneath your fingers. 

Yamaha U1 

  • Advanced Scale Design
  • Soft Fall FallBoard
  •  Made in Japan
  • 48 inches tall