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Yamaha Institutional Sales

Pianos of Princeton

Is Proud to be a part of Yamaha Institutional Solutions Group.  

We specialize in facilitating the acquisition of pianos for purposes outside of the home.  We will be happy to assist any House of Worship, School (K-8, High School, Music, College or University), Performance Venue, Business, Restaurant, Public Institution, or Club in finding the perfect piano (or multiple pianos) to meet their wants and needs.   We are a Full Service Piano solution.

gc2 sh2 silent piano
yamaha p22 sw
Yamaha Digital Baby Grand
pianos for houses of worship

Houses of Worship


When your Temple, Church, Synagogue, Monastery, Mosque or any other House of Praise needs to select their next instrument, Pianos of Princeton is here to assist in every stage of the decision process.   We always offer a House of Worship discount along with acoustic piano maintenance.

  • Acoustic or Digital Pianos: We offer a huge selection of pianos.  We have the perfect option from a 9 foot concert grand piano to a digital piano on a dolly.
  • We assit in the fundrasing Process.
  • On site inspection for proper selection and placement.
pianos for schools

Music Education 

From an acoustic upright piano for the Chorus room to a 9 foot Concert Grand Piano for the Performing Arts Stage Yamaha makes a piano for every want and need a school will posses.

  • Digital Piano Labs from 3 pianos to 30+
  • School centered designs for P series Acoustic Uprights
  • Special School Pricing and Free On site Piano Evaluation 
  • Event Rentals and Piano Placements Available 
  • We Accept Purchase Orders
  • Free Delivery to All Schools 

Places of Business


We offer a wide selection of Pianos to put in your place of business.  Are you looking for a Yamaha Disklavier Player Grand Piano to act as a center piece in your lobby or restaurant?  Or do you need a Baby Grand Piano that can be used for cocktail hours in your wedding or banquet hall?  

Need a piano for a weekend, a season or forever? – We have you covered with options to rent or own.

If you are searching for a piano for a particular function or situation we have you covered.  Yamaha makes a number of different pianos with today’s best electronic technology.

Bring Class and Prestige with a piano to your place of business today!

pianos for restaurants
pianos for venues
  • Pianos for Venues

Are you looking for a 7 foot grand piano for you theater, club or concert venue?  Do you need a rental or a specially selected house piano?  Does your organization need help in raising the capitol to purchase the right piano?  Well you have come to the right place.  We specialize in helping you and your organization to find the right type of instrument, size, technology and finish to complement your venue. 

  • 7’6″ Semi Concert Grand Event Rental Available 
  • Access to Yamaha Institutional Solutions Group
  • Special Pricing to all Performance Venues!