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B1 SC2 Polished Ebony Silent Piano

Height 43″

Width 59″

Depth 21″

Weight 444 Lbs

Comes With Matching Bench, Head Phones, Head Phones Hanger and Power Chord.

Yamaha b1 SC2 Silent Piano MSRP Prices
b1 SC2 PE Polished Ebony $9,499
b1 SC2 PEC Polished Ebony Chrome $9,599
b1 SC2 WH Polished White $9,599
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Product Description

Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano

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Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano

The Yamaha B1 Silent Piano is the perfect blend of a true acoustic piano with the features every musician desires from a Digital Piano.

The Silent Piano allows the Pianist to play a fully acoustic piano, or a fully digital piano or both at the same time!

Would you like to have a digital recording of your Performance? No Problem the Silent Piano records in .wav or midi! Do you like to play at night and Don’t Want to wake up the whole house? Just Put on the Head Phones! Do you want to Amplify your piano? The Silent Piano has you Covered.

Finally would you love to have a real piano as a controller for PC or Midi applications? Then you have found the right piano!

The Technology Behind the Yamaha B1 Silent Piano

Yamaha’s Patented Gray Scale Sensor

Yamaha Gray scale sensor
The secret to a great piano is in the nuances. All Yamaha Silent Series pianos utilize a non-contact optical sensor system that conttinuously measure the nimble movements if you fingers and the detailed nuances of your pedaling. This in house Patented technology delivers unrivaled accuracy and performance with out ever changing the feel of a traditional acoustic piano.

Binaural Sampling

Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano
When Playing the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano with headphones the piano player is hearing a Binaural Sample. Which is an exacting sampling technique that mimics the interaural characteristics of the human ear, This unique approach allows SILENT pianos to recreate the natural, all encompassing sound only experienced when seated in front of a concert grand piano.

User Friendly Interface

The control unit has been given a sophisticated design that unobtrusively blends with the piano itself.  Yamaha’s simple controller allows you to operate digital functions with ease.

Microphone Free Recording for the Yamaha B1 Silent Piano

SILENT Piano SC2 type can record one song in the internal memory.  The USB thumb drive allows you save recording data and play back songs. You can Record in .MIDI or .WAV Formats. Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano

Connectivity To External Devices

The USB TO HOST terminal (USB A/B Cable) allows you to connect to a computer or portable device and record high-quality audio without the need for an additional interface. AUX IN (3.5 MM Stereo) allows listening the sound from the external devices (sound modules, music players, PC, Labtop, ETC).

Smart Pianist App Integration

The smart device app “Smart Pianist” (available as a free download) enables you to select the different built in instruments, control the metronome intuitively with a visualized interface and even display the score on your smart device.

The UD-WL01 USB Wireless LAN Adaptor (sold separately) is required to use Smart Pianist over a wireless connection.

B1 Silent Piano – A Broad Sonic Palette

Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano – On Board Sounds


Binaural CFX – Yamaha 9 foot Concert Grand
CFX Grand – Yamaha 9 foot Concert Grand
Bosendorfer – Vienna-made Concert Grand

Electric Piano
Stage E. Piano – “Fender Rhodes”
DX E. Piano – Classic Yamaha Electric Piano
Vintage E. Piano – Widely Used in Rock and Pop

Harpsichord 8′ – Just like the real Baroque version
Celesta – A instrument were deer horn hammers strike metal bars

Organ Principal – (8′ + 4″ + 2′) Used for Baroque church music
Jazz Organ – Famous Tone Wheel Hammond Organ Sound

Stereophonic Optimizer

Stereophonic Optimizer is an effect which reproduces the instrument being played in a room.

Key-Off samples

The moment a pianist’s fingers are lifted from the keys of a grand piano, subtle changes occur in the instrument’s tone as the damper is lowered onto the strings to mute its sound. Key-Off samples features actual recordings of these changes, offering a faithful reproduction of the most subtle changes in the piano’s sound, allowing for a more realistic performance.

Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano Comes in Two Different Finishes

Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano
Ebony Polished  Finish Swatch
Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano
White Polished  Finish Swatch

Factory Installed for a Reason.

Yamaha Silent Pianos are available for sale as a new piano only. This system cannot be retrofitted to a piano for a number of painstaking reasons.

Warranty for the Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano

Owners Manual for the Yamaha B1SC2 Silent Piano

Spec Sheet for The B1 SC2 Silent Series 

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Introducing the Yamaha Silent Piano Overview

Factory Installed for a Reason

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