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Yamaha P22D 45inch studio upright

A Durable and responsive piano for the demanding musician.  The Yamaha P22D is a great choice for School, Homes, Places of Worship and Music Studios!

Height: 45 3/4  inches

Depth: 24 inches

Width: 59 1/2 inches

Weight: 518 pounds 
Comes with matching bench and 10 Year Yamaha warranty

Yamaha P22D MSRP Prices
P22D SE Satin Ebony $8,799
P22D DO Dark Oak $9,199
P22D SW Satin Walnut $9,199
In Store Only

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3 finish options to choose from 

Satin Ebony, Satin Walnut & Dark Oak

Also Available as

Product Description

Introducing the redesigned Yamaha P22d

Yamaha P22D in satin walnut


Yamaha has been producing the P22 Studio Upright for over 40 years.  This newly redesigned P22d offers todays schools, houses of worship, music studios and private homes a great upright piano for todays demanding musicians.

Featuring a newly redesigned cabinet with smoother lines and a couple of curves the P22D is a visually striking piano.   With three available finishes to choose from the P22d is a perfect match from any room!

The cabinet was not the only update.  Yamaha has added a soft fall fallboard, new bass strings, moved the top lid lock and expanded the length and angle on the music desk.


A New Music Desk for the P22d

Yamaha p22d music desk The Yamaha P22d features a new full length music desk.  This allows you to line up multiple music sheets and books at once.  The top lid was redesigned to not hang over the music desk giving the musician a better angle to view their score.

This is a great space to make notes to your music, place a metronome or even a smart phone to record your performance.

If you love sheet music you will love the new Yamaha P22D Studio Piano!




Professional Back Posts for a Professional Piano

The back posts are part of the foundation of the piano.  The P22 is the first acoustic upright that has the same back post as the Yamaha U series.  The 5 back posts of the P22d helps to support the harp and the immense pressure it is under.  This allows for better tuning stability and creates acts as a ton post to deliver better acoustic resonance.

Yamaha P22d

P Special Hammer – Under Felted!

The Yamaha P22d is the first piano from Yamaha to feature under felted hammers.  Notice the orange felt in between the wood core and the white top felt?  This extra layer of felt gives the piano a richer sound and helps maintain the hammers tone as it ages.

Every Yamaha Upright from the P22d and up has an under felted hammer.



Soft Fall Fallboard – New!

Yamaha has added a soft fall fallboard to the New P22D.  This is the first model to feature this until the U1 and allows for a controlled unadded closing of the pianos fallboard.

Yamaha soft fall fallboard


Top Lid Lock and Lid Prop

The P22d has had the locked moved to the side and is proud to feature a lid prop to let the notes out.  The lid prop is a great feature when you need just a little more sound.   The P22d also features a lock on the fall board, a true institutional piano.

p22d lid lock and lid prop


Toe Block with Wheels

The Yamaha P22d is the only upright to feature a dual vinyl wheel.  This allows 2 people to easily wheel the piano from one location to another.  Also it features a traditional toe block design to give a reinforced base to the piano.

toe block with vinyl casters


Link to 10 Year P22d Warranty from Yamaha 


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